Where is Your Admin Pain?

‘At every level there is a new devil’ as I once heard a business coach saying! Where is the admin paint point in your business?

Are you a coach/dog trainer/food marketing specialist/business networking group/ community group who at the core of your business is delivering events or courses? Event organisation is listed as the 6th most stressful occupation in the world as there is so much to think about/so much to do/so many corners to coordinate at once. This is where I come in as a second set of eyes/ears and sometimes hands!

As a business owner myself I also understand your business is your baby and sometimes its hard to relinquish control! Below are example of services I can offer as stand alone items or packages depending on what you need. This list is by no means exhaustive and I’m happy to discuss with you individually to see what your needs are. No request is too weird or wonderful and if I can’t help you I’ll certainly try to find someone else who can.

Over the years I have worked with 100’s of business owner in a host of industries but I love helping clients who deliver events (training/courses/fairs/seminars/online summits) both face to face or now more regularly online (since lock down restrictions).

Bee workshops, jam making demonstrations, strictly dancing competitions/ food fairs/farmers markets/online summits/inaugural conferences you name it I’ve helped create it!  I help clients streamline the back end processes so they can concentrate on the ‘ing’ of their business, their passion! Be it dog training/coaching/matchmaking/creating a business network.

Virtual Team Setup

  • Making recommendations on how to set up and communicate within a virtual team (Committee/Community Project/Collaboration)
  • Making recommendations on cloud sharing platforms/project management/ communication tools to help your virtual team collaborate effectively
  • Giving advice on administrative structure of your committee/group/project
  • Providing video tutorials on how to use different time saving tools
  • Providing ad-hoc administrative support

Event setup

  • Creating Eventbrite /Facebook/ website/ platform event descriptions
  • Making recommendations on integrations between ticket selling platform/email marketing platform/payment methods
  • Making recommendations on delivery of events (online)
  • Setting up automations in email marketing platform
  • Uploading event/course content to delivery platform
  • Creating running schedule for event
  • Liaising with speakers/suppliers/vendors for event setup
  • On site event support (face to face or online) on the day of the event (at advanced daily rate)
  • Recommending other experts in event industry to help you with: marketing schedule/taking video/live-streaming/social media management

Course Organisation/Setup

  • Helping you organise your course content
  • Creating your profile on the course platform (import logo/profile/settings/audience)
  • Providing list of useful tools for you to create circle content
  • Setting up pricing structure in the background
  • Recommending Digital marketers/Virtual Assistants to develop your Marketing Strategy/help schedule content to drive sales of course

* I have built my own courses on Mighty Networks Platform/*Bizmerang circle/*MemberVault

*My affiliate links

Marketing Automation Tool Setup

  • Making recommendations on marketing automation tool (Mailchimp/Convertkit/*ActiveCampaign etc.)
  • Setting up profile (import logo/profile/settings/audience)
  • Cleaning and importing existing client data
  • Creating 1st newsletter template
  • Creating newsletter/welcome automation and email sequences
  • Recommending Digital Marketers to develop your Marketing Strategy/create content
  • Providing support afterwards (up to a capped number of hours)

Sounding Board

  • Acting as a sounding board for difficult decisions
  • Accountability partner reviewing your business goals on a regular basis via a Zoom call and recommending tools


  • Recommending NI based recruitment agencies if you are looking for full time administrative staff
  • Providing support and links to existing administrative staff (I’m on the Committee of the Belfast PA network)
  • Fixer, I’ve been told I know everyone so can recommend everyone from click funnel specialists to coaches to tattoo artists!


Never worked with a Virtual Assistant before and don’t know how it works? check out my FAQ list. If you have a task and you are not sure it falls into any of the above categories please CONTACT ME via the contact form or BOOK a free no obligation discovery call with me. I know a host of other Virtual Assistants so it may be someone else offers the niche you need!

For pricing. These services can be delivered as stand alone packages or combined. Please contact me to discuss rates and if you have any queries. If you have any other requests that aren’t mentioned above please contact me and If I cant help I will recommend someone else who can.

I have Professional Indemnity Insurance, am registered with the ICO as a data controller and can guarantee a high degree of confidentiality. You will find a range of tutorial videos from how to create Google Forms/Use Zoom/Microsoft Tools on my VirtuAli YouTube Channel


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