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Never worked with a Virtual Assistant before and don’t know how it works? check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below. If you have a task and you are not sure it falls into any of the above categories please CONTACT ME via the contact form or BOOK a free no obligation discovery call with me. I know a host of other Virtual Assistants so it may be someone else offers the niche you need!

Definition of a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Online virtual support can revolutionise the way you do business and can save you money if you are downsizing, upsizing or just simplifying your life! A Virtual Assistant is described as a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. 2020 has proven to us that the world is very small and that working, collaborating and business success are all possible virtually though we will never underestimate human contact again!

What difference will hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) make to my life?

Even hiring a VA for a few hours a month will let you hand over time consuming tasks that are sucking your time and energy and ideally let you concentrate on growth making tasks in your business (networking/delivering your service/product etc). The overall aim is that you feel less overwhelmed, more in control of your time and hopefully have better relationships with family and friends as you will be less stressed and be able to relax and enjoy life more.

What makes you different to other VAs?

All of us Virtual Assistants have strengths in different areas. Mine is my breadth and depth of my experience from working as an Executive Assistant in a large corporation of 2000 people to a Resort Administrator in a team of 5 in the French Alps. So, I have lots of experience of different systems, tools and understanding how people work.  I am a super quick learner and can see the bigger picture easily but also know how to break it down into smaller tasks. In August 2020 I was shortlisted as Virtual Assistant of the Year for Northern Ireland 2020 by the UK VA Awards  #UKVAawards20 

What is the process once we decide to work together?

I will send you a contract for you to review and sign with my terms and conditions, my confidentiality agreement and the rate and tasks we have agreed and the period of time.

Does it matter that I’m not techie?

Don’t worry I’ve seen it all and the fact you are doing a search and have found me and are reading this proves you are more techie already than you think! If you don’t know how to do something we can talk through a process via phone or Zoom, I can share my screen, or I can make you a video tutorial. We are all constantly learning that’s the joy of being an entrepreneur!

How can I trust you with my business?

Trust is only something that can only be built over time but I promise from the onset to communicate with you as much as possible, ask relevant questions, deliver what we have agreed on to the best of my abilities and make the data you share with me as secure as possible.

What are your values?

As a Virtual Assistant, I give you my guarantee that I will offer a very high level of service and bring the same benefits as any full-time member of staff: loyalty, confidentiality, commitment and a genuine interest in your business.  

How do you charge?

I charge either my hourly rate or a project rate depending on the tasks agreed. Depending on the nature and frequency of work I Invoice by retainer at start of the month or for a one-off task once the task has been completed.

How do you Invoice?

I will send you an electronic Invoice which is payable via bank transfer or Stripe payment. If you are on a retainer contract, I will invoice you at the start of our agreement and thereafter every 30-days. 

What information do I need to give you to get started?

Once we have signed a contract and decided on what help you need, there will be an on-boarding process. I will ask you to set up a shared folder online (you should be the controller of all data shared with me). We can discuss and share all the relevant information and passwords I need to get started. If you are unsure how to share any information, I will make a tutorial video.

How many hours will I need to book a week/month?

Once you have shared the relevant information with me to get started, I will have a better idea how long the task or project is going to take. Some tasks are more complicated than others.

Sometimes I’m tasked to do something which appears simple but when I start to delve deeper I realise a lot of systems  are not set up and more streamlining and integrations is needed. On the  flip side clients can also overestimate the length of time it will take me to complete a task because they procrastinate over doing it themselves and hate doing it takes a lot longer. Also, because often people don’t know a simpler way to do things and that’s where I come in.

Do you work in my area?

I am based in Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland but as a Virtual Assistant, I can work virtually anytime, anywhere. Locality really doesn’t make a difference with the speed of technology worldwide but if you aren’t too far, we can also have a coffee from time to time!

Can I hire a Virtual Assistant for a one-off task?

Yes, I understand that the business needs of each individual business owner vary greatly. If you have a one- off task such as researching venues/helping for a one-off event etc, I’m happy to help.

Can you come to work in my office as well?

I work virtually ‘remotely’. I can offer physical support at events but this will incur at an extra charge for my time out of office and any travel time. If you need help for example  physically de-cluttering your office, I can refer you to others. Or if  you believe you need administrative assistance that can only be delivered on site, I can refer you to recruitment agencies specialising in administrative staff.

What does working virtually mean in real terms?

  • as a VA I work from my own office using latest technology and systems
  • as location is not an issue, as a VA I can work with clients virtually anywhere, anytime
  • as a VA I can provide office support tailored to your business needs so virtually any task can be tackled

# virtual may mean I’m not physically located in your office but it does not mean I’m not available, I’m always only a mouse click or telephone conversation away

Why Virtual Assistants are the future

Internet for all, social media channels, tablets, blogging, cloud based sharing – all these inventions have occurred just over the last decade. Can you imagine what the next decade will bring? Traditional ways of office based working and sharing info over cds and floppy are becoming extinct. Do you want to move with times or be left in dark ages? They used to say behind every great manager is a fantastic PA (Personal Assistant ), I say soon everyone will be saying behind every great manager is a fantastic VA (Virtual Assistant).

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