Definition of a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Online secretarial services can revolutionise the way you do business and can save you money if you are downsizing, upsizing or just simpflying your life! A Virtual Assistant is described as a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services.

What does working virtually mean in real terms?

  • as a VA I work from my own office using latest technology and systems
  • as location is not an issue, as a VA I can work with clients virtually anywhere, anytime
  • as a VA I can provide office support tailored to your business needs so virtually any task can be tackled

# virtual may mean I’m not physically located in your office but it does not mean I’m not available, I’m always only a mouse click or telephone conversation away

Why Virtual Assistants are on the Rise

The Virtual Assistance Industry is rapidly growing and in 2014, 1300 VA’s were recorded working in the UK assisting approx. 7,700 clients. The Entrepreneur Startup magazine recently listed Virtual Assistance as of the 15 hottest businesses in 2015.

Why Virtual Assistants are the future

Internet for all, social media channels, tablets, blogging, cloud based sharing – all these inventions have occurred just over the last decade. Can you imagine what the next decade will bring? Traditional ways of office based working and sharing info over cds and floppy are becoming extinct. Do you want to move with times or be left in dark ages? They used to say behind every great manager is a fantastic PA (Personal Assistant ), I say soon everyone will be saying behind every great manager is a fantastic VA (Virtual Assistant).

Employing VirtuAli is not

a Could or Should Have,

it’s a Must Have!

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