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Guest blogger for Sensei on the topic of VA Heroes collective

Virtual Assistant collective with global clients, the upcoming event by VA Heroes promises to open your eyes to the depth of services offered by such companies.

The VA Heroes are delighted to be guest bloggers for Sensei who help you communicate better with your clients and teams, in person, on paper and online

Editor: This month, we welcome Alison Matthews as our Guest Blogger. She is one member of a local, boutique Virtual Assistant collective with global clients, VA Heroes, whose upcoming event promises to open your eyes to the depth of services offered by such companies.
My casual observation on the rise of this new type of laptop-toting, location-agnostic entrepreneur is that Administration seems like the obvious choice of services to offer: like the traditional PA, managing diaries, booking travel and accommodation, and running events. But, the latest wave of VA has wider ambitions. We’re seeing seasoned professionals with skills in marketing, IT, data management, HR and other surprising niches. Think again. Could VAs provide a solid, credible asset to your existing team?

What is the VA Heroes?
They say the most powerful conversations are a result of just four people chatting together. In our case, after a throwaway comment about the lack of female superheroes and the magical powers of Virtual Assistants (VA) to organise everything from scheduling social media posts to planning events, ‘VA Heroes NI’ was born.

Caped crusaders the VA Heroes NI!

Caped crusaders the VA Heroes NI!

The VA Heroes The VA Heroes
The VA Heroes are a collective of four experienced Virtual Assistants, based in Northern Ireland. We have clients across the USA, Europe and Australasia.

Collaboration Not Competition
The beauty of this collaboration is that while we are all working in the geographically small area of Northern Ireland, we all hail from different backgrounds and offer very different services and expertise.
We’ve replaced competition with collaboration. Our reasoning is very simple:
• First, we all have very different specialities, and therefore can refer work within our group.
• Second, the nature of what we do enables us to work with anyone, anywhere.
• Finally, and perhaps most importantly, all of us started our businesses because we were all already in the business of collaboration. We love helping busy entrepreneurs by giving them back their time, saving them money back and ultimately Saving Their Sanity!

Who are the VA Heroes?
It’s time to meet the heroes!
Gayle Alexander is a creative professional who focuses on video and digital marketing. Her visual and branding services business is called AVA Alexander Virtual Assistance.

Wendy Cree is a specialist in Executive Assistant Services, and works closely with busy MDs and business owners. Her business service is called Ambriel Ltd.
Ellie McBride is an experienced expert in software workflows, tools and systems, and social media support. Her business is called Calibrated ConceptsCalibrated ConceptsCalibrated Concepts.
Finally, Alison Matthews – that’s me! My expertise lies in automating and streamlining processes and data management. My business is called VirtuAli Administrative Solutions.

Save on Sanity Event
Are you getting worn out by having to do all the things wearing all the hats? Let the VA Heroes Save your Sanity!

Save on Sanity Event 5th June 2019

Save on Sanity Event 5th June 2019

Book to attend the next event,Book to attend the next event,Book to attend the next event, Save on Sanity on 05 June in Clockwise, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Who Should Attend?
The event we are organising on 05 June is aimed at any business owner who is simply worn out with the responsibility of having to do everything by themselves. We want to educate busy entrepreneurs on the value of hiring a Virtual Assistant.
We have also extended the invitation to other VA’s in NI because we want as many entrepreneurs solopreneurs and start-ups by professionals of all ages to grow their businesses efficiently.

What You Will Learn
• How to automate and systematise your business to give you more time to grow your business and to give space for your personal life
• Tips and tricks to manage your time better
• How to take charge of your to-do list (and your life)
• What a VA actually does and the many ways they can help you
• What types of tasks you can, and should, hand over to a VA
• How to engage a VA
• The advantages of hiring a contractor
Don’t spend the rest of this year stressed out, overwhelmed or drained. Let the VA Heroes come to your rescue!
If you are curious and want to supercharge your business, register at the link for our next event. Depending on how magical your own superpowers are, you may even catch a glimpse of us in our superhero capes!

Further Info & Booking
BookBookBook to attend the next event, Save on Sanity on 05 June in Clockwise, Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Follow the VA Heroes Online:
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LinkedIn GroupLinkedIn GroupLinkedIn Group

Follow the activities of VA Heroes using the following hashtags: #powerof4 #saveonsanity #superpowers #vaheroesni.
Photo by Gabriel Beaudry on Unsplash

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