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Tools for conducting your business remotely

Never been a better time to be virtual

Do you feel your business is affected already with coronavirus outbreak? Are you a trainer who delivers face to face workshops or someone who organises physical events on a regular basis?

How can you turn Coronavirus outbreak to your advantage and take your business online and to a larger audience?

I’m in the fortunate position that I work from home and share documents and tasks already remotely with clients, but I have a lot of clients who do face to face work so there is also a knock on effect for me also and we all have to find innovative ways to conduct business and think outside the box.

I’m reaching out with some alternative tools to help you move your business online which I hope are useful also for you to maintain some kind of business continuity. There has never been a better time to be virtual!

Alternative Uses Useful Tool Link
Holding meetings face to face Conduct meetings virtually via online video conferencing platforms -Conducting Interviews

-Coaching sessions

-Training Sessions

-Holding Committee/

Board meetings




Ø  Good quality sound

Ø  Calls up to 100 participants £11.99 per month

Ø  Easy to use

Ø  Can record meetings and share with participants

Ø  Share screen if needed



Need to show someone how to do something Create an explainer video which captures part of your computer screen/application you are using Loom


Ø  Can create up to 100 videos for free

Ø  Easy to use

Ø  Can edit videos

Ø  Share on different platforms



Face to Face Team Communication Communicate via virtual tools with your team to prevent feeling of isolation Teams Slack


Ø  Set specific channels per topics

Ø  Easy to use

Ø  Integrates easily with a host of other tools


 (VA Heroes blog on using Slack)



Link to Slack





Face to Face Team collaboration Collaborate via virtual tools with your team so your work is one place Microsoft Teams


Ø  Collaborate all team members in one place

Ø  Chat with other colleagues

Ø  Organise calls

Ø  Share documents


If you already are a Microsoft Officer user, Microsoft have made Teams free for EVERYONE, to enable remote working

Free Sign-up: https://products.office.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/group-chat-software


Holding an event with an audience of more than 100 people Think about holding an online summit instead
Delivering material for training workshops Think about hosting/delivering online training in one digital place instead Options

1.       Record what you need to say and upload to YouTube and mark as private channel

2.       Record a series of videos and share to a space like VIP Membervault where clients can access your content for free

3.       Create a popup Facebook group and deliver live videos into the group






If you face particular challenges in your business which aren’t listed above please reach out to see if I can help.

As part of the VA Heroes collaborative we are also offering workshops on virtual tools you may need training on (remotely obviously). If you have a particular need please simply fill out the form at bottom of this page : https://www.vaheroesni.com/businesses


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  1. Alison,

    This is very useful- especially the idea of an online summit because we were due to travel to 3 forums in Austria, Germany and UK between now and May 2020..

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