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Top reason to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2017

One word sums up the reason to hire a Virtual Assistant rather than a full-time admin member of staff=uncertainty!


1.      Uncertainty of Brexit and what it will mean for us especially in Northern Ireland with hard border issues

2.      Uncertainty of what our neighbours to the left and right of us will do or say and global impact that has on us

3.      Uncertainty of our own government and whether election results tomorrow will make a positive change to all of us

The media is awash at the moment with negative vocabulary –uncertainty, catastrophe, disaster, terror. Crocodiles !

Whatever motive our former First Minister had in using this imagery, it’s interesting that in fact, the crocodile is one of the few animals that are still roaming the earth 200 million years since their beginning! They have been in existence since the time of Dinosaurs but unlike Dinosaurs, they have learnt to adapt to survive. (I’m not making any political analogies here but just stating anthropological facts).

Crocodilian instincts

Savvy business owners likewise learn to develop a thick skin, to adapt to their environments, to use all their senses, to learn as crocodiles do to avoid clashes with known or potential predators –you have to adapt to survive!

So if you are a business owner who at this moment of political turmoil are:


-have a hiring freeze on until situation is clearer

-want /plan to grow

Think about hiring a Virtual Assistant so you still have the administrative support you need but who you can hire on your terms as and when you may need it.

Opportunity knocks

Despite all the uncertainties at the moment, don’t make the mistake of putting your business on hold now and letting it go stale- rather think about opportunities because there are much wiser crocodiles out there who certainly will be doing just that and going from strength to strength by-

-thinking of moving to a different market

-diversifying products to survive

Abraham Lincoln said

Best way to predict your future is to create it

it’ which is very apt given the elections in Northern Ireland tomorrow so I hope you vote for the future that you want for your business and personal life and in the meantime while we are waiting for government to set itself up again hire a Virtual Assistant to put the admin systems and help in place to keep your business thriving.

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Published LinkedIn March 2017

Top reason to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2017 | Alison Matthews

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