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Are you the stumbling block to your own success this year?

Stumbling blocks or stepping stones


January is often considered a dry month after overindulgence of every kind in December. However, there is one thing that you should budget for in this New Year and that is a Virtual Assistant (a VA) and before you say ‘I can’t’ because:

1) I can’t afford one 2) don’t have time to train someone 3) don’t have space 4) don’t want to share confidential information 5) don’t want to delegate as my business is my baby, hear me out:

1. Budget:

If you are hesitating in hiring a Virtual Assistant, remember you can hire ONLY for hours that you want -you can set aside a specific budget or so many hours a month so you aren’t landed with a huge unexpected bill and you have the extra guarantee that hours worked for you will be fully productive. The unique value of my product is that you will make more money be hiring me as you can concentrate on things that you are good at and charge accordingly. You will also have extra time to look at how to grow your business rather than being stuck in admin nitty gritty.

2. Time:

I have over 15yrs admin experience across a variety of fields and as I have worked in offices from 2003 employees to 3 from Banks to hardware stores, I’m used to being thrown into the deep end and have learnt to adapt very quickly so I’ll be operational without too much effort on your behalf.

3. Space:

Usually I work remotely ‘virtually’ from my own office so I don’t add to your running costs or encroach on your space but if you need me physically in your office once a week or once a month to file and to do tasks that really can’t be done remotely, we can arrange that depending on your business needs.

4. Confidentiality:

Half of my working career I’ve spent as PA to high-level CEO’s. During that time, I’ve always ensured that any confidential information that passes my desk only passes my desk and nowhere else. When signing up a new client I include a confidentiality clause in the contract and make sure that my own systems to store information are as secure as possible.

5. Delegation:

Sometimes you have to let go of your business a little in order to see what is really happening. We are all creatures of habit, I often try to change the direction I walk around the park when going out for a walk, swim in a different lane in the pool, don’t plan every single detail before going on holiday because changing even a tiny thing gives us the chance to see the world with new eyes.  Value of hiring me as a Virtual Assistant is that I’ve gained invaluable industry experience across a range of sectors so I can bring a fresh perspective to the way that you organise your admin systems and hopefully will be able to streamline some aspects for you. As I love helping people and seeing new entrepreneurs springing up, I will always take a genuine interest in your business and how to grow it. If you are growing then so I am!

If you spent more than half of 2016 running around like a headless chicken-my former boss in Luxembourg used to joke that I had the uncanny ability to keep my head when everyone else was losing theirs!-maybe its time to turn the stumbling blocks you have in your head about hiring a Virtual Assistant into stepping stones and guarantee yourself success for the year ahead.



Article posted on LinkedIn 9th Jan 2017


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