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St Valenties Day

14 reasons you might love to hire a Virtual Assistant

“How do I love thee, let me count the ways” is a line from the 43rd sonnet of Sonnets from the Portuguese, a collection of 44 love sonnets written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

I thought on St Valentine’s Day it was apt to list the 14 reasons why you might love to hire a Virtual Assistant!

1. Your virtual assistant is always available even if they aren’t physically sitting beside you

2. Once boundaries are established with your virtual assistant at the start he/she will stick to them

3. Your virtual assistant can be your dumping ground /sounding board for all your ideas

4. You don’t have to buy your virtual assistant gifts for their birthdays/Christmas (unless you want to!)

5. You don’t have to worry about your virtual assistant getting stuck in traffic or bad weather

6. You don’t have to think about making office space for your virtual assistant

7. You don’t have to order a computer or any office equipment for your virtual assistant

8. You don’t have to stress about setting up payroll or pension or sick pay for your virtual assistant

9. You don’t need to employ an HR consultant if things go wrong with your virtual assistant

10. Your virtual assistant will always be faithful and respect your business as much as he/she respects their own

11. As a business owner your virtual assistant understands how challenging and rewarding it is to be a business owner

12. Your virtual assistant will work hard for you

13. Your virtual assistant will not suck your mental space (hopefully) but instead free your time

14. Your virtual assistant because of their wide network can connect you to lots of other fabulous business owners

If you want to read the real Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem please find it here

And if you are a virgin at outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant,have a read of my 8 step guide on how to find/communicate/work with your ideal one.

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