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10 ways a virtual assistant will help you make money this year

Each of us has goals for our business but do you know what your overall purpose is?

I became self-employed in 2014 because I wanted to have creativity in the type of work I was doing, more flexibility but most importantly I wanted a better work-life balance. I wanted to work according to my own body clock, to go for a walk outside if I wanted at 10am, to work until midnight or not work at all! but I would wager that for 9/10 one of our main goals every year is to make more money to afford the lifestyle we want. The reasoning behind this is as unique as ourselves. Maybe you want to:

• Have more financial security for your family
• Build a bigger house
• Be mortgage free
• Work nomadically wherever the spirit takes you
• Work only when you want so you can dedicate time to your family
• Work less hours so you can time to voluntary projects which are close to your heart
• Buy a _____________(you fill in the blank as appropriate) a Ferrari/high end bicycle/ a second home/Death Star adult lego set)

Whatever you reason, outsourcing time-consuming administrative tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you make more money and here are 10 reasons why:

1. A VA can complete an administrative task in probably a third of the time it would take you and at a fraction of the cost. Benefit=you complete more generating income
2. A VA has typically has 10 years+ varied administrative experience which means he/she may have a more efficient/streamlined solution to how you are doing something. Benefit=you complete more generating income
3. A VA concentrates on the administrative/marketing/HR tasks which you may find very time consuming and frustrating, freeing up much more time for you to reflect and work ON your business rather than being stuck in the trenches working in it. Benefit=you complete more generating income
4. Being a business owner can be very lonely so a VA you also act as a sounding board for new business ideas and helps you break them down into manageable steps which means you are not paralysed by indecision. Benefit=you complete more generating income
5. A VA typically has a breadth of experience across different sectors so may bring new business ideas to you .Benefit=you complete more generating income
6. A VA typically has a wide network so may be able to bring new contacts and ideas for partnership to you. Benefit=you complete more generating income
7. A VA can help you set up new systems so your end customer is happier, and you get more repeat business. Benefit=you complete more generating income
8. A VA can help you streamline business processes or make some obsolete which means you get more work done faster. Benefit=you complete more generating income
9. A VA frees you up to work on your strengths whereas administrative tasks may be your weakness and if you ever go to sell a business, those interested will see that you have a strong administrative system in place !Benefit=you complete more generating income
10. The fact of trusting the process and delegating work to a VA means you may be more comfortable outsourcing other tasks such as marketing/HR/finance which may also help you grow you business or take it in other direction. Benefit=you complete more generating income

I’m part of the VA heroes collaborative and we will soon be offering an e-matching service between business owners and potential Virtual Assistant (VAs).We’re starting this service as we get requests to refer virtual assistants to various businesses around Ireland and the UK all the time and we want to refer the best VAs who can offer businesses a streamlined and helpful service. Check out more here

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