Want at last to feel More Organised than overwhelmed?
5 Day Get Organised Challenge
Are you ready to become the most organised version of yourself and finally feel less overwhelmed? If so you are in the right place.
Do you want better results for your business, better relationships with your partner/family and no longer to be known as the totally disorganised one amongst your friends?
Come join me on my free 5 day challenge where we will be looking at these topics:
Day 1 – Decluttering physical space
Day 2 – Organising your online space
Day 3 – Mindset ( setting goals/planning)
Day 4 – Integrations (how to simplify your life)
Day 5- Communication (tools)
The next group challenge where there will be a pop-up Facebook page and you will go through the challenge together with support of others will be starting 25th May
You can be put on the waiting list  by filling out the form below. You will then receive an email link with instructions on how to join the training platform.
What to expect: Daily online with a challenge to help you become more organised.
What is the outcome for you: To learn tips on how you can become more organised and therefore feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life.
Better results for your business, better relationships with your partner/family and no longer to be known as the totally disorganised one amongst your friends!
You will need to invest 10-15 mins of your time but that’s doable isn’t it?

Not 100% sure you take my word for it? Have a read of what April course participants said:


#I took part in VirtuAli Admin Solutions’ ‘Get organised 5 Day Challenge’ and found it inspiring. Alison has a friendly, calm and yet very persuasive way to motivate and inform. The challenge has opened my eyes to useful and effective apps to manage anything from capturing ideas to communication with clients. Each of the 5 days was helpful, but I found the Mindset Day especially valuable. Alison introduced many ideas to get clarity into organising all those ideas/goals into workable projects. I have employed Alison in the past for some administration work and I cannot recommend her highly enough for her professional, helpful and timely manner. However, this challenge has opened my eyes to the multitude of different ways Alison’s knowledge and skills can help me with my business challenges. Her knowledge of what applications are available, and how best to utilise them, to streamline processes is invaluable to businesses. I am looking forward to working in new ways with VirtuAli, thank you Alison!#

Maike Dring, Essential Wellbeing 22.04.2020

#Here’s what I learned in Alison’s “Get Organised 5 Day Challenge,”

  • Easy course to follow because each session is less than 15mins.
  • Now using Google Forms to collect info. that goes straight into a spreadsheet.
  • Including self-development time as one of my non-negotiables.
  • Will start using Microsoft Word’s dictate function because it’ll cut down my screen time.

To sum up— I need Alison in my back pocket because she knows how to solve my problems!#

Thanks Alison, Karen Finlay, The Word is Microbiome 23.04.2020

#I did Alison’s 5 day GET ORGANISED CHALLENGE in April 2020, I really struggled with getting myself organised to be productive – I just didn’t ever seem to have the time! I would highly recommend Alison and the get organised challenge. Alison is very personable and her delivery style is engaging and reassuring. The value, content and structure of the course was excellent, taking part in the challenge has changed how I work, my desk is tidy and organised and I even plan now. Thank you so Much Alison – you have saved me so much time and everything is easier now I’m organised!#

Oonagh McAteer, Rayoo Photography/Diamond Dates 29.04.2020

 Suzanne Murdock, The Hub Newry , 22.04.2020