How are your stress levels? Are you on my website today because you are feeling like this:
  • Constantly under pressure and never seem to have any time for yourself?
  • Exhausted as you find it very hard to switch off that ever-ending to-do-list circling in your head?
  • Guilty as you can’t spend quality time with friends and family and are always cancelling important dates?
  • Frustrated as you can’t concentrate on the areas on the business that you know can grow it?

Can you relate? Often when business owners come to me its because they are experiencing the above and don’t know how to fix it. They complain of not having enough time but actually time management is in reality rarely the real route cause. In my experience feelings of overwhelm are caused by 1 of 4 reasons. Please watch video HERE

Are you ready to become the most organised version of yourself and finally feel less overwhelmed? If so, you are in the right place.

There are several ways you can work with me:

Organisational Hour

Organisational Hour

Organisational Hour

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business by all the seemingly endless tasks and have a list as long as your arm but don’t know where to start?

BOOK an organisational hour with me to review:

• what existing systems you have in place

• how you can streamline or automate some processes

• where/how you can outsource

Outcome for you? =You get a better overview of your business and feel more in control.
The price of this service (£77*) includes a 1-hour call via Zoom and follow up recommendations via email from me. I’ll ask you in advance to fill out a short questionnaire
(*price valid if booked  before 31.12.2020)
Accountability buddy

Accountability buddy

Accountability Buddy

Are you struggling to complete certain tasks or maybe are running a large project (franchising your business, managing a membership group, running a  programme of course/events) and need help breaking the project down into manageable tasks and being held accountable?

Book an online weekly session with me to keep on top of your goals and track progress. We will find a collaborative project management tool that you are comfortable using (Task List linked to Outlook/Google, Asana, Trello, simple Google sheet)
Outcome for you? =You feel more in control and less overwhelmed as you know someone is holding your hand (virtually at least) though the process and keeping your productivity on track.
Minimum 4 weeks block booking. 4 x 1hr session weekly sessions day/time to be agreed.
Price for 4-week blocked booking=£177*.
(*price valid if booked before 31.12.2020)

Streamlining Support

I can help you with one off tasks to help in your business or on on ongoing basis

CHECK OUT my services page for details of the services I offer but I understand that every business is as unique as the business owner who started it so please contact  me if you don’t know if I can help you or not

My hourly rate starts at £35 per hour and if you pre book me for example for a package of 5 hours a month it will be a discounted rate of £150 or for 10 hours it will be reduced to £310


Jumpstart Your Efficiency Online Course


Jumpstart Your Efficiency Course Cover

Jumpstart Your Efficiency Course Cover

Do you want to Jumpstart 2021 by working more efficiency in your business and consequently:

🏆have time to concentrate on the ‘ing’ in your business (painting/sewing/coaching/dog training etc)

🏆have more mental energy instead of being consumed in never-ending tasks

🏆 be more organised and have a business that runs more smoothly and that customers find easy to interact with?

Come join me on my online group course which will be conducted 4 dates starting 5th January over Zoom. As we often need a the support of a group to keep us motivated there will be a pop up closed private Facebook group as well

Book your tickets HERE .
The sessions will run over 4 dates and we will cover
  • Session 1 -Time Management (Tuesday 5th Jan 1030-1145)
  • Session 2-Online cloud systems and how to organise files online   (Thursday 7th Jan 1600-1715)
  • Session 3- Tools and integrations  (Tuesday 12th Jan 1030-1145)
  • Session 4-Delegation and outsourcing (Thursday 14th Jan 1600-1715)

If you cant join us live on the dates above, you prefer to do a the course as a self guided one at your own pace or January doesn’t suit you just ping me an email

If you want to join the next cohort of Get Organised Wannabies! put your name on the waiting list by signing up HERE
5 Tools to Shave 5 hours off Your Week

5 Tools to Shave 5 hours off Your Week


Download my ‘ 5 Tools to Shave 5 hours off your week’

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