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Alison-VirtuAli with award trophy for VA-year-Northern-Ireland-2020-winner

Winner of the Northern Ireland Virtual Assistant (VA) of the Year 2020 by the UK VA Awards Body

1st December 2020 is definitely a day to be thankful as I have been judged as Northern Ireland Virtual Assistant (VA) of the Year 2020 by the UK VA Awards Body!

I started my business VirtuAli Admin Solutions in 2015 and its been a very tough learning curve but I never regret the decision of taking the leap to self employment and to being able to support business owners all over the world virtually since that time.
I really want to thank everyone for their support on my self employment journey since I started because I couldn’t have done it without you:

✨ to Women in Business NI and especially mentors Roisin McDermott and Rosemary Morrison who made me believe I could start my own business
✨ to clients for trusting me from Alan Henry OBE who was my 1st to my most current Paula Milligan – Leading Expert, Facilitator, Coach
✨ to all mentoring this year by Pat Slattery and Mel Wiggins MBE who have helped me raise my game
✨ to all collaborative virtual assistants out there who have supported me in the good and bad days especially Kate Porteous was the 1st person I reached out to and my caped crusaders Wendy Cree, Ellie McBride and Gayle Alexander
✨ to all my friends and the business owners I’ve met along the way who have become friends and have lent me a helping hand! Too many to mention

This award is as much for you as for me! Please raise a virtual glass until we can have one in person in the new Year!
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