Alison Matthews, Virtual Assistant

Skills backed by years of experience

My name is Alison Matthews or Ali for short and I am a Virtual Assistant (hence the business name VirtuAli). I started VirtuAli Administrative Solutions in 2015 to help busy business owners be less busy and concentrate on the ‘ing’ in their business teaching, coaching, painting, training!

As a business owner myself I understand the complexities of running a business, of juggling all the hats and getting swamped in the business rather than having time to work ON it and the thing you love.

With 20 years+ experience in a host of administrative roles worldwide, I have always been highly organised and love now helping business owners streamline their administrative processes so they are more productive, waste less time on nitty gritty admin and have a better work life/balance and time to breathe!

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs automate processes around running courses/events (online and face to face) to be a virtual set of hands, eyes and ears!

My passions are wild swimming, community projects and connecting people

community garden project

community garden project

Virtual Assistant Heroes 5th June 2019

Virtual Assistant Heroes 5th June 2019

wild swimming January



 BOOK a free no obligation discovery call with me now if you are stuck with an admin process to see if I can help. Click HERE

What happens when you click? You will be redirected to Calendly appointment scheduler where you will be able to book a no-obligation free 30-minute discovery call. Once your appointment is confirmed you will receive a Zoom link. We will have a chat and there will be one of three outcomes:

  1. If I can help you, we will discuss terms and conditions and rates, and I’ll start getting the necessary information from you to work together!
  2. If I don’t have the expertise you need, I will direct you to a range of other fabulous virtual assistants or freelancers I know!
  3. If you don’t think I’m the right fit for you (or vice versa), there are no hard feelings and we both go on our way.

Innovative solutions

Having worked in multi-disciplinary teams and in multi-cultural environments in public, private and non-profit sectors in the UK and internationally, I can bring a fresh perspective to your business and provide solutions you maybe hadn’t previously considered.


I understand that in business as in life things don’t always go to plan! Luckily as I’ve worked in a variety of locations and on a variety of contracts, I’ve always been able to adapt very quickly to new places and people and can be flexible to your business needs and demands.

Business insight

Having worked in companies ranging from 3 to 1300 employees and now as small business owner myself, I have substantial insight into the support required by businesses of all sizes but especially the challenges facing micro to medium sized enterprises.

Organisational Skills

With experience of working to tight deadlines and under pressurised environments, I’ve learnt over the years how to multitask, prioritise and at the same time remain professional and calm. Not always an easy combination!