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10 reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant at any time of the year!

Article published on LinkedIn 24th November 2016


10 things to outsource to a VA

Christmas is just 4 weeks away and it’s official ,it’s up there with divorce, moving house and changing jobs as the sixth most stressful life event. As individuals 86% of us say they find buying presents difficult and 65% find Christmas shopping a stressful event but is your stress even higher if you are a small business owner worrying about all work you have to do before year end and sales you will make before the January slump hits?

I’ve worked in very fast paced environments where in the lead-up to Christmas everyone was working flat out but also playing hard so as soon as Christmas holidays appeared and adrenaline they’d been running on stopped-they were struck with flu and spent all holiday in bed. Don’t let that happen to you, outsource time consuming tasks to a Virtual Assistant like me today so you can spend quality time with your loved ones come 25th December! Examples of tasks I can complete are as follows:

  1. Sourcing and booking venues for staff parties or looking into possible venues for upcoming events
  2. Capturing business cards to your CRM system Have you been hoarding your businesss cards all year in a drawer? time to get them onto your CRM system!
  3. Haven’t got any kind of structure to record contacts/sales? well then time to start thinking about implementing a CRM system
  4. Cleaning existing mailing lists so you are ready to make those calls come next year
  5. Chasing outstanding payments over Christmas period so you can start fresh come Jan 1st
  6. Scheduling appointments with staff, partners, and clients over holiday period so you don’t have to
  7. Booking travel and accommodation arrangements for all high flying engagements you are attending
  8. Scanning important documentation -let me help you make some head and officespace by digitalising everything and create work for shredding companies at same time!
  9. Carrying out research on existing competitors, potential clients etc.
  10. Most important at this time of year but important all year round!-sourcing & ordering gifts on line

Contact me VirtuAli today, your family and friends will thank you for it on Christmas Day and possibly for the rest of the year!

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